Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The third week... 15 more to go??? Fudgesicles.

So, I'm finally into the third week of my marathon training and I have already thought....

  • What am I doing with all this training?
  • Do I really need to qualify for Boston?
  • One of the FAQ questions is, can I transfer my registration between the marathon and half marathon.....hmmm, Good question.
  • Why do I want to do this?
  • Can I just decide to finish?
  • What if I switch from the Advanced I training program down to the Intermediate I training program?  Then I wouldn't have to run as much.
  • Why am I training in the winter to only qualify for another race that has me training in the winter?
Can you tell that I am extremely discouraged.  But, alas, I made it running again last night.  I just swore a lot as I ran.  The best part is that despite the black ice which shone in the moonlit night, I had a great running pace.  So, I'm thinking that when I'm running in warmer temperatures down to sea level from 5280, I'm going to kick some ass!!  I need to stick to this goal, and need to be reminded of this often, because I need to learn not to give up when it gets tough.    

San Diego Rock'n'Roll finally released their course today.  We start in downtown, run through Balboa Park and end at Sea World.  I will have the best coach in the world cheering me on as I run, my Mom.

So, my fourth week looms and I think I really need to find friends to run with.  Anything to motivate me to run other than the chance to swear a lot!  


Monday, February 01, 2010

San Diego Marathon Training Begins!!

Today, I started week one of my 18-week Marathon training.  At least I did the workout, sort of.

I had decided last week that I would start getting up, ON TIME, to do my training runs before I even got to work.  Well, my alarm went off at 5:00 and 5:12 this morning, I got out of bed with a few explicitives at 6:00 a.m.  Off to a grand start, aren't I?  Ugh, I'm still in a dilemma of whether I should train in the morning before my day gets away from me and I'm so exhausted I don't want to lift a finger.  On the other hand, running after work is warmer, more likely in the daylight hours, and I can leave work by 4:00.  Ugh, such decisions, huh.  I am thankful I don't have tougher decisions to make.

I finally made it to the gym after a really long day.  Unfortunately, due to my IT band, my first day of training was spent on an elliptical training.  I was quite pleased how good of a work out it ended up being though.  So, day one is done.

To go along with my great training, I scarfed down a huge "caramelita" bar from Ideal Market (aka Whole Foods), a chocolate drop bar from Breadworks, and I think I managed to get some other chocolate in there.  How on earth am I going to cut my cholesterol down with that kind of diet.  That caramelita bar was so damn'd good though...caramel, chocolate chips, oatmeal (see some whole grains!)... YUMMY!  I can guarantee my friend Jeannine is cringing at this diet of mine.

I need to get back to my goal of planning my meals and bringing my snacks and lunch with me.  I did really well two weeks in a row and blew it the last week and a half!

What was my other goal??  Oh yeah.... Financial self in order... Got my taxes done and I'm getting a rebate!

Need to figure out an adventure for this week...any ideas?

Well, now that my day is completely over and I have at least 20 books/magazines in my pile to learn how to run, how to eat, and how to save.. I should call it a night.