Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Longmont Resident!

Well... today started off with a bang, or maybe a whine, that would be Aspen telling me to get out of bed a good 20 minutes before I'm supposed to. Silly dog. I somehow managed to cram one our of work in before I closed on my Denver home at 9:00 a.m. I'm crazy, but when a job has a deadline and I'm taking off most of next week, I guess I have to be a bit crazy!

The first closing went on without a hitch. Other than me eating four of the very warm sugar and chocolate chip cookies. My Realtor, Lidoro, said he "didn't see them." Man, I wish my willpower over baked goods was that strong. That would save me a lifetime worth of unnecessary calories! After the closing, we walked through the house I was purchasing before closing on it. I let Aspen roam around in the weed infested back yard. Who knew that weeds could grow to be three feet tall. In a matter of about five minutes, I had already pulled about a 5'x5' square. At least now I'm weeding my own yard rather than some random neighbor's weeds as I'm going for a walk. This is what one succumbs to when she really wants a yard and has nothing but mulch to deal with... pulling other people's weeds. This is not pathetic, I swear!! :)

The second closing went fantastically too. Both my Lender and Realtor showed up with me. It was nice to have their support. My Realtors (Lidoro & Flora) gave me my first house warming present.... a garage door opener!! How fantastic is that?

On to the good stuff..... working on my very own home. I ended up taking over an hour to clean the refrigerator, just the fridge. I didn't make it to the freezer. I was trying to figure out how ANYONE can get a freezer that dirty. It was just gross. Fortunately, the fridge side is looking 400% better than when I started. I unplugged the fridge so I can continue cleaning the freezer tomorrow night. Man, I still don't know how a freezer can get so dirty.

The one thing I really wanted to complete, first thing, was mowing the lawn. Unfortunately, the lawnmower wouldn't start and the old fashioned push mower didn't have sharp enough blades to cut the weeds. So, my attempts were futile, at best. Good thing my Dad is coming out next week to help me fix up those things.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Conner Gregory Nelson

On May 23rd, at 11:38 a.m., C.T., Conner Gregory Nelson was born into the Nelson Family! He weighed 8 lb 13 oz and was 20 inches. According to Grandma Kuhn (aka my Mom), Robin weighed more when he was born and was longer.

I'm still in shock that I am truly an aunt and that my family is expanding. It is such a wonderful feeling! I know that Robin & Theresa have been very excited to have Conner as part of their family. Robin has just been gitty with excitement anytime Mom or I ask him about their new addition. They are going to be such wonderful parents!

Welcome home Conner! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer Begins!

Finally, Memorial Day Weekend, and I joined the hordes that hit the mountains for the weekend. The weekend started out with a great lunch at work. We (I) grilled up some hamburgers and cheddar brats. I have to say, this is the best way I've ever kicked off a long weekend. You should have seen the eight of crammed into the tiny little picnic table we have. Good thing we all get along.

After lunch, I headed up to Buffalo Creek, which is southeast of Conifer. I met up with my best friend, Katie, and some of her friends. Katie is finally back from her two month South African trip, can you say, ecstatic? We had a great evening watching the sunset, even if it wasn't as impressive. Just sitting on the rocks looking at the peaks was fascinating enough. We then sat by the campfire and like good Americans, we cooked our s'mores over the fire. Oh, that stuff is good!!

Aspen enjoyed climbing up the rocks and some of the rocks she leaped up onto was simply amazing that she could even do it. She got to play with another dog all night. Unfortunately, Sadie seemed to think that she needed to wake Aspen & I up every two hours, hoping to play. At six in the morning, Aspen decided it was time to play too. Imagine trying to keep two wrestling dogs quiet as everyone tried to sleep off the beer they drank the night before. I decided to remove Aspen from the situation. We went for a great four mile walk/run on the Colorado Trail. It was so AWESOME! The trail was great, the aspens and pines were so pretty and the brisk morning air was so refreshing. We enjoyed having the trail to ourselves and listening to all the birds happy as can be.

Once everyone else was up and about, a few of us decided to go mountain biking, Aspen included. I tell you, she did a great job keeping up. I had to wait for her on the downhills, but she looked at me like I was the slowest person on the planet when it came to the uphills. Each time we were near the creek, she v-lined it and practically laid down in the water. After running with me for four miles and then running while we were mountain biking for 10 miles, she's out. Still is. I think she goes bonkers if she has to move at all tonight! Check out some information on the Colorado Trail near our campsite.

Tomorrow is the big packing day. Well, not too big. Most everything has been packed for over a year now and the biggest task left is the kitchen. It's hard to believe I'll be moving into my second home this coming weekend.

So, needless to say.. my summer is going to be grand, especially since it started out so grand. I love the Rocky Mountains. In the spring time they are so lush and green. Come July, the wildflowers will be in true form and in the fall, the yellow aspens shine like gold against the blue sky.