Thursday, April 09, 2015

Super... Dog? But I want SuperNanny!

Per the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary,

1  a :  disposed to seek adventure or to cope with the new and unknown
    b :  innovative
2:  characterized by unknown dangers and risks

Mom (Mother)
1  a :  a female parent
    b (1) :  a woman in authority; specifically :  the superior of a religious community of women
       (2) :  an old or elderly woman
2:  source, origin

3:  maternal tenderness or affection

It seems to me that if I were to run out the door screaming to get away from my toddler and baby that my wish to be an adventurous mom went out a different door.  I'm no longer "coping" with the new and unknown and am trying to shred the idea of being a female parent with maternal tenderness and affection!

Exhibit A:  November 2014 Tantrum
It is absolutely amazing to me how a two year old can make a fully grown, nearly 40 year old, mother crumble to the ground, want to crawl under her bed and never come out.  How is it that they can make a simple 30 second change into pajamas into an 1-1/2 hour excursion of screaming, kicking, hitting, WITH four timeouts?  To make it worse, your baby is crying in bed because, that's what they do when they don't want to go to bed.  Alas... the two year old's crying and screaming just mask the baby, so you're saved!!!

Seriously, how does one get through this horrendous period in a toddler's life and then pick herself up to go through it all over with the second child just as the oldest gets better (or I hope gets better)?  There are so many books, websites, etc. out there to help.  How is a mom supposed to find the time for all these great resources when you're collapsing to the ground after finally getting them into bed an hour after they were supposed to be in bed?

Maybe there's such a thing as a SuperDog (Cat?) that takes all your cares away and helps teach you deal with them.....

Oh, that's right, they're too busy pulling food off the counter, eating the cat's food, harfing up hairballs, clawing your legs and deciding to poop in the play room because even though you have a dog door, that's their way of telling you, hey, you pissed me off.