Friday, January 16, 2015

January 22nd… Number Four?!!?

January 22nd… Number Four?!!?

Hard to believe Anniversary No. 4 has arrived! 

Three and a half years after I wrote to my Grandma telling her about this wonderful man named Kevin, he married me.  Now, we have two wonderful boys wrapped in her baby quilts that patiently sat and waited for their arrival.

September 12, 2007

Dear Grandma,

……..I started dating a new man about a month ago.  He has deep black hair, bluish hazel eyes, and awesome smile, and is about 5’10” tall.  His name is Kevin Obendorf and he is from Ithaca, New York.  He has one older brother that lives in Washington D.C.   He has a degree in environmental studies and biology from the University of Montana-Missoula.  He works as a landscaper and has a pretty extensive knowledge regarding sprinkler systems. It has been fun to talk to him about my yard and what to plant.  I met him through a computer dating service call  We both believe in preserving the environment & have similar political beliefs.  He has been very kind to me and really seems to enjoy my company.  He has a miniature dachshund dog, named Zula and a longhaired black cat named Oso.  Both the dog and cat try to get my attention.  Zula is so cute, you would adore her. She is such a happy dog. I like Kevin quite a bit because he respects who I am and hasn’t tried to place me in a box of how he thinks I should be.  I can’t even express how much he makes me smile and laugh.  Since I met him, I have felt that I have gotten my old self back and I haven’t been so down in the dumps.  I hope it continues to go well……..

… and the rest is history!

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