Friday, December 19, 2014

How do I get back to "Adventurous"?

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt," John Muir

How do I get back to "Adventurous"?  Before the "yard" part of my life, I traveled/backpacked in S. America for four months, traveled in Thailand for two weeks, hiked Colorado trails all the time, got in a couple 14ers, and definitely camped.  I took a one week camping trip to Maine & New Hampshire.  Several of my adventures were also by myself.  Not to mention forcing myself up Elitch's "drop" ride, TWICE!  I am so afraid of heights that I was crying by the time we dropped down to earth.   

I would say my definition of adventurous ended when I purchased a home with a yard.  With that yard came a lot more space for Aspen to roam around and all sorts of gardening & landscaping.  It was awesome!  I think I went on one backpack trip that year.  

It ended even more when I moved further away from work and was just worn out from that.  Then... Zachary was born.  I could barely get him fed healthy foods let alone venturing into the mountains.  We did get out on one adventure just outside of Estes Park for a two night camping trip.  It was so nice and Zachary loved it, even if he couldn't walk yet.

Now, we live in a place with a much larger yard with pasture land and we have kid number two.  We definitely don't eat healthy now.  Wow, even with working 3/4 time, I'm still scrambling to get out the door.  We did manage to go camping up to Chambers Lake, west of Fort Collins, with both kids.  Wyatt was two months old.  It was an adventure in patience and frustration.  We went home early because our campsite flooded and I couldn't handle much more of the crying and whining. 

So... again how do I get back to Adventurous, when I feel I can barely breathe?  And even more important, how do I make sure that my children go on paths in which I "make sure a few of them are dirt"?  What does that look like now?  How do I fit that back into our lives? 

Maybe my first baby step is remembering it hasn't disappeared, it just looks different.  Now I just need to figure out what it's new definition means.

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Tree said...

Oh I soooo hear you!!! This is my story almost!!! With Tyis we went on 10 trips (6 camping) before HE WAS EVEN A YEAR!! So now Ayda is 16 months and havnt taking her at all, and have only gone 2 since she came along. I miss it all sooo much!!! But I just remind myself that this time in life is just a flash. that soon they will b older and MUCH easier to camp and EVEN backpack with! AND they will soon enough be old enough to even go with friends or on their own, AND THEN they will EVEN, someday, I promise, be out of the house!!! WHOA CAN U IMAGINE!!! and that will happen in a blink of an eye!!!!!! So I just TRY to remember that, And Im keeping my body happy and young enough to b a power house in my 40s and 50s ( i hope)
Just make sure to find moments of connecting to the nature lover with in, Do all that u can to get small doses too!!! AND ASK FOR HELP!!! Get a sitter for over night and just go once! Or tell hubby you are out!!! and GO!!!!!!! YOU are a giver, and its beautiful But make you a priority too! :) a